Anne Lerner is a cellist who has taught and performed in the Bay Area for 30 years, after moving from her native Chicago in 1989 to study with Irene Sharp for her MA in Cello Performance at the San Francisco Conservatory. As an undergraduate, Anne studied Spanish Literature at Bryn Mawr College for three years, but completed her BA in Music at Northwestern University. Anne is a highly sought-after chamber musician and performer of contemporary music in the Bay Area and has played for many orchestras, festivals, and ensembles. She is a current member of the contemporary chamber music group Ensemble for These Times, which received a gold medal in 2018 from the Global Music Awards. 

    Passionate about music education, Anne has taught music at San Rafael High School on and off for 19 years. She teaches music theory and cello performance at Dominican University and was previously a faculty member at College of Marin. Anne is one of two conductors for the Marin Symphony Youth Program and offers private lessons to cello students of all ages. In her free time, Anne enjoys spending time with her two adult children and three fur babies.


About Anne Lerner

Anne Lerner: cellist, conductor, educator